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Count Clicker is a powerful online counter tool to replace the physical tally counter to count people. Unlike a traditional tally counter, the online tally counter can count numbers up or down. It is portable and can be used anywhere as long as your devices can go online. It is handy for one-off deployment for events, distribution and inventory count, etc. It can also be permanently deployed to count office stationery, people movement, or as a tool for research.


It all started when the government imposed a capacity limit on indoor spaces such as shopping malls and attractions due to COVID-19. These indoor space owners began to manually use hand-held tally counters to count people in and out of these establishments. A big entrance will be split into two lanes, one staff will add on the entry, and the other will subtract on the exit lane. The difference in number count for these two lanes will be the live occupancy. Manual counting is already tedious, and staff still must remember to record the hourly traffic for safe management officers (SMO) review.

Digital Transform

The prolonged COVID-19 has pushed many companies to take this opportunity to transform their operations digitally. In the case of people counting, as an example, a total digital transformation is possible only if you spend $30 - $50k to buy in an automated people counting system. Count Clicker is free of charge, and while the clicking (counting) remains manual with the online counter clicker, the rest of the counting operations are digitalized. Indeed, a zero-cost strategy.

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Multiple Clickers

Online tally counter multiple clickers creations are one of the main features. With a single account, you can create and customize up to six online clicker counters, which comes in handy if you have parallel running events, own multiple properties, have different inventory types, etc. Multiple clickers are unique, each with its own set of customizable themes and stored data. There is no additional cost and limitations to creating extra clickers.

Prerequisites / All Devices

Since this is an online counter, any WiFi-enabled or cellular network devices such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops will work. Because Count Clicker is web-based, users are not required to install this as an app; hence we do not require any permission to access your data. It uses only a little bandwidth because it is not graphic intensive, and all images are mostly static except for the changing numbers.

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Data Analytics

As Daniel Keys Moran quotes: You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data. With such helpful information 24 hours, seven days a week, you can deploy your staffing efficiently, make arrangements for the large crowd, increase security presence, etc. Every click is a bit of data saved into the online tally counter multiple tables in a database, and that is how the tool can generate reports for you.

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Shared Account

User management is simplified with Count Clicker. You only need to register for one account, even if you have a team of users. Everybody logs in to the same account and launch the same online clicker counter. Count Clicker supports concurrent logins to keep administration simple. You will not have staff coming forward asking for a password reset, and any changes you made to the online counter are instantly reflected across all devices.

99.9% Uptime

We also ensure high availability up to 99.99% because we invested a little more in getting a better standard service offering. The server is located in Asia, Singapore, well known for its stability and interconnectivity to the rest of the world. An uptime monitoring service closely monitors the server, and we back up our files and databases daily. We are also prepared to activate our backup server if our production server undergoes long periods of maintenance.

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