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Replace hand counter clicker with digital tally counter online for counting people, inventory, golf sports, scientific research, and industrial related.

Live report tally counter in mobile view.

Multiple users can launch instances of the clicker counters together.

Count, click & track

Count, click & track
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Simple, easy to use
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For example,
Name: A4 Copier Paper (ream)
Description: 70gsm
Available Count: 20
Available Full Count: 18
Almost Full Message: Call EverGreen Stationery at 202-555-0147 to replenish!


Start clicking

Customize the new tally counter 4-digit display with themes, font styles, and sound effects, etc. or launch it and click away.

Use as people counters to track occupancy.

Occupancy Trackers

Track occupancy with live report

The capability of the online tally counter as a person counter app is to track occupancy for you when you are not ready to invest in people counting system. It can compare against your video analytics or calculate the variance to achieve a higher accurate count. If you already have staffing stationed at the entrances and exits for daily operations and is interested in finding the hourly occupancy rate, look no further. Our report generator provides the tabular display of hourly ± counts for each clicker counter every day. For analysis, all numbers (past one week, 1 or 3 months) can be exported to a CSV file.

  • Easy to understand dashboard
  • Customize clicker appearance
  • Live number reporting as you click

Bidirectional Traffic Reports

Generate reports with collected data

Count Clicker allows you to create a clicker that meets your unique needs. Experience a well-designed dashboard, simple to navigate for users of all ages. Start a people counter, stationary tracker, inventory checker, or anything else you can count. Change background images, pick font styles, customize buttons, and more. No matter how many situations you are in, the count clicker app will count all of them for you.

CSV exports
Use as people counters to track occupancy.

Responsive Design

Support different screen sizes

Fully responsive and mobile-ready for all tablets and laptops alike, there is no need to install anything. Get access to themes, report history, support, and more. Free upgrade to Standard plan, which includes more location clickers, layout customization, and the ability to share live reports with your management. You will never get bored with counting anymore and the best part - it doesn't cost you anything!

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