Easy to use features

Multiple Counters

Add multiple counters

Create more than one clicker per account with each having its unique name, available count and optional messages etc. This is useful if you need to track many items all at once, for example, stationery supplies where you tag one clicker to a type.

Add multiple counters
Make reports public for sharing

Share Reports

Make reports public for sharing

Share occupancy reports with your team without them having to log in to the dashboard. They can monitor the count conveniently while operational staff do the clicking. Supports multiple live reports on a single screen display.

Personalized Clickers

Beautiful, stylish and cool clickers

Pick a minimalist template and choose from a list of background images and font styles for your clickers. Heck, you can even customize button shapes and apply sound effects to your button clicks.

Beautiful, stylish and cool clickers
Dashboard of count clicker in tablet view

Personalized clickers

Create a cool-looking clicker with backgrounds, fonts and sounds - clicking should be fun!


Multiple instances

Users can click on multiple copies of the same counter simultaneously while the tally number is in sync.


Data tables & graphs

Review data tables online or simply export hourly data count from each clicker.


Tracking & progress

All counts are tracked in real-time in clicker view and shared via live reports.


Easy to use

A clear and easy to navigate dashboard for non-tech savvy users.


Public Reports

View and share live reports easily without having to log in.

An interim solution
for small businesses