Use cases and scenarios - Count Clicker

Deployment examples

1. A shopping mall with bidirectional traffic and multiple exits

3 security personals will hold company-issued devices with SIM cards or connect to the mall WiFi without SIM for Internet connection. They will load the Count Clicker website from a mobile browser bookmark (e.g. Chrome). Then they will log in to a similar account and select to launch XYZ shopping mall clicker. The ENTRANCE personal will count and click the +X and -X buttons for bi-directional traffic while the other 2 will count and click the -X button for EXIT traffic. The numbers will be submitted to our server and the live occupancy number (calculated difference) will be displayed almost instantly on the devices. A threshold limit on capacity can be set to the XYZ shopping mall clicker which changes from Green to Yellow colour signalling a need to hold the queue until the number decreases. End of the day, the hourly ENTRANCE and EXIT counts can be downloaded for reporting purposes. The last occupancy number (when the mall closes) will then auto-reset to '0' at user preset time daily and ready for next day use.

Shopping mall with bidirectional traffic and multiple exits.

2. Tracking stationery inventory in a company

The receptionist takes charge of stationary inventory in XYZ company. Some items are issued out daily and therefore must always be kept in stock. The receptionist creates a free Count Clicker account and adds four new clickers: A4 paper, File folder, Notebooks, and USB thumb drives. She opens 4 Chrome tabs for each clicker and updates the count when staff requests any four items. When not around in person (e.g., off shift), she lets staff self-service pick up the items and update the number on her touch screen monitor. She will set a threshold to each of the four items remaining stock count so that when the number turns YELLOW, a vendor contact message will appear asking her to do replenishment. When new stock arrives, she clicks the link on each clicker to update the number live instantly.

Tracking stationery inventory in a company.

3. Meal distribution for a corporate family day

At a company family gathering at a theme park, a tentage is erected to give out lunch for employees of XYZ company in exchange for coupons. There are four redemption counters set up for four queue lanes. There are three kinds of meals available: standard, vegetarian and children's meals. Since this is a one-off event, the team leader requests the four counter staff to use their mobile to log in to Count Clicker account. The team leader had beforehand created three clickers: Meal (standard), Meal (vegetarian), and Meal (Child). All four employees opened these three clickers and start to countdown while they issue out food. When the Meal (standard) hits the 'low count' threshold, the number changes to YELLOW color, reflecting on all the staff mobile devices. This alert will prompt them to promote to the employees to try out Meal (vegetarian) and Meal (Child) instead. End of the day, the organizers will report the total number of each meal type distributed back to the human resources department. The HR will use these data to adjust next year's order and order fewer vegetarian meals for more normal meals.

Meal distribution for a corporate family day.

Easy to configure for specific needs